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50 Signs of blocked feminine energy

Some common signs of blocked feminine energy include:

1. You see ‘the feminine’ or feminine traits’ as weak or repulsive, or a waste of time

2. Feminine women make you cringe - you judge other women for their focus on feminine traits like beauty, feelings and for having ‘no ambition’.

3. You perceive motherhood is a place women wither, a pause in life before you get back to the ‘real work’

4. You trust your mind more than your body

5. You override your hearts desires, needs and wants in favour of your mind – what makes more sense or you ‘should’ do/want/be

6. You neglect your body and self-care

7. You only feel worthy when you’re achieving and valued when you provide or are ‘in service’

8. You find yourself comparing yourself regularly to other people

9. You trust your logic more than your intuition

10. You love control and feel very unsafe when you’re not in control

11. You prefer it when your partner and people do what you say, because your ideas/ways are better than theirs (parenting and running a house included)

12. You feel like you’re not allowed to rest

13. You feel disconnected from your body, numb or in so much pain movement is tricky

14. You feel like you don’t have permission to move in certain ways

15. You feel like there’s certain emotions that you are not allowed to express

16. You feel a need to be right, be seen as intelligent and prove yourself

17. You believe the harder you work the more worthy and rewarded you are

18. You experienced abuse or trauma as a woman

19. You were told you were too much, be less…and you continue to believe this

20. You are so busy being busy, whenever there’s ‘spare time’ you even fill it with tasks

21. Doing nothing feels extremely uncomfortable and anxiety activating

22. You feel exhausted, drained and like you have nothing left at the end of the day

23. You don’t like asking for help You think you have to do it all alone

24. You pride yourself on being self-sufficient and on how much you can get done

25. Joy feels lacking in your life or like you can’t quite reach it

26. You’ve lost your sensuality or reject it

27. You’ve closed down your sexuality and sexiness or reject it

28. You’ve closed off or walled up your heart – you hold back from your lover, but you don’t know why

29. You find it hard to be exuberant in appreciating and celebrating your partner

30. It’s easier to give than to receive

31. You feel resistance towards your mother, womanhood or motherhood

32. You push yourself hard, often having ‘bulldozer’ energy

33. You don’t think you’re creative

34. You’ve never had many female friends

35. Feeling hard is much easier than being soft

36. Vulnerability is difficult for you

37. Speaking your truth without anger and neediness is very difficult for you

38. Beauty isn’t important to you – you deny or diminish your beauty

39. You struggle with emotional people and expression

40. You need/prefer structure and organisation over ‘go with the flow’ and chaos

41. You feel an emptiness or loneliness that you can’t quite explain, even though you have everything that should make you happy

42. People pleasing - you feel trapped in the expectations of others, constantly giving, supporting and managing the needs and perceptions of others (often at the expense of your own needs and desires).

43. Deny, diminish or suppress how you feel

44. You don’t know what your needs are and you work really hard to not have any needs, preferring to meet your own needs than wait for someone else to

45. Believe a ‘good woman’ doesn’t consider herself, puts her needs last and is here to be of service to others

46. You’re always ‘doing’ and competing (with yourself or others)

47. You punish and/or judge your body, constantly pushing yourself too hard

48. You are obsessive with tasks, needing to get them all done before anything else can happen

49. You forget to eat or ignore your body’s needs for toilet, food, nourishment, water, rest…

50. You can’t slow down and relax

It is really normal to feel you have ‘blocked feminine energy’ in our culture and climate that favours masculine traits and attributes and validates you when you display them.

If you’re ready to drop the patriarchy inside you, check out QUEEN SCHOOL.

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