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Flowers and Honey


Julie Tenner Flowers and Honey

Take on the world and allow yourself to be taken.

This book is the law of attraction in relationship.
Your pathway and remembrance of who you are meant to be:

Fully alive, powerful, sexy, desired and magnetic

Love and desire are not the same. 

Love contracts distance. Love craves belonging and sameness.
Desire craves distance, energetically. Opposites that ignite chemistry.

Be a boss-babe, a rock star CEO, plan your kids and household like an absolute bad-ass, but if you also want to be desired, seduced and surrendered in a rapturous rendezvous with the love of your life, you need to learn your feminine energy of attraction.


Enough mediocrity.
Enough waiting.
You are more powerful than that.

Flowers and Honey by Julie Tenner

The missing ingredient to passion and desire is here, on these pages - the stories you were never told, the understandings that were never shared with you. Once you understand these powerful principles, the path to an electric relationship becomes clear and you have the keys to attract all that you truly desire. 


Come learn from a woman who has found a pathway to unrelenting desire, outrageous intimacy and the deepest, most profound love in a 20-year-long relationship to one man, with four kids and two businesses in tow.  Julie will revolutionise the way you relate to yourself and the ones you love, bringing deeper connection and richer intimacy.

I’d love nothing more than writing a love note to you, or someone special

Julie Tenner Flowers and Honey
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Now available in audio book

Julie Tenner
Julie Tenner
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