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This is your sacred space to explore, experiment and embody love. 
Julie Tenner

Meet Julie Tenner:
Your Pilgrim of Love

Julie Tenner is a visionary author, speaker, facilitator and relationship and intimacy coach here to revolutionise the way you love.


Based in Seaford, Victoria and offering expansive experiences both online and in-person, Julie seeks to unshackle modern women from cycles of self-sabotage so

they so they can embrace desire and get more curious, connected and alive in themselves and their relationships.

Julie’s lifelong connection to spirituality began with her yogi father, who instilled in her a deep respect for the power of Eros and our personal connection to pleasure.

Julie believes this secret ingredient, often overlooked in our busy lives, is essential for a fulfilling and joyful existence.

Julie Tenner

As a mother of four, Julie knows the importance of love – and compassion firsthand, and brings this energy to all her work, creating a trauma-informed and responsive practice space for you to navigate your journey of personal and relational



With over 17 years’ experience as a doula, naturopath and facilitator, Julie has developed a rich tapestry of practice knowledge and wisdom to draw on. Julie harnesses this expertise and infuses each of her transformative experiences with sacred storytelling, a healthy dose of humour and a deep compassion for the complexities of connection, making her the perfect combination of heart and soul.


Her talent for creating and holding safe, sacred spaces for women to surrender and become their most magnetic selves has earned her the reputation of a true sage and guide in women’s mysteries.

Julie Tenner

With over a million downloads, Julie’s wildly popular co-hosted podcast, Nourishing the Mother, explores the intersection between conscious motherhood and falling in love with who you are as a feminine woman.


For kindred healers, facilitators, energy workers and coaches, Julie’s The Deeper Practitioner podcast guides you in deepening yourself, your practice and your client experience.

Let's make your life and love sweet AF

Julie Tenner
Julie Tenner
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