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Ready to cultivate mind-blowing sizzle between you and your partner and a bulletproof scaffold for wildly-connected communication?

It starts with: Intimacy. Playfulness. Presence. Desire.
Julie Tenner Lovers

Guided Dates


Reignite the spark in your relationship in just 12 dates & create an intimacy and connection that lasts all year.  

Dreaming of regular date nights – or days! – that leave you feeling fulfilled, adored and chosen? Delicious and exciting experiences that have you and your partner craving more? Don’t let life get in the way of love. 

Designed to equip you with the tools and skills you need to spark desire, connection and sizzle on demand, the Date Night workshops are guaranteed to bring more play, novelty, and newness to your relationship. Each date night will prioritise your connection and raise the bar on your communication and intimacy to create waves of pleasure that resonate across every level of your life and love.

Suitable for all couples

Jule Tenner

Lovers School


A seductive exploration of deeper desire, pleasure and presence in your long-term relationship.

That toe-curling, mind-blowing connection you’ve been yearning for? It’s possible. Great sex follows great desire. And great desire is rooted in the development of skills that can be taught and created.  

A virtual couples retreat for you to refocus on each other and prioritise your relationship, Lovers School entices you to explore the art of ‘the lover’ to understand and appreciate female arousal. Together, you’ll put theory into pleasurable practice to build richer intimacy, passion and connection.

Suitable for all couples

Julie Tenner Lovers

Let's make your life and love sweet AF

Julie Tenner
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