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Solo Honeybees

Become the Queen within that’s unapologetically herself and aligned to her true intuitive nature.

Awaken your magnetism, sensuality and feminine spark today–you won’t look back!
Jule Tenner

Queen School


Get out of your head and into your body, sensuality and magnetism 

Within every woman awaits a sensual, magnetic and powerful Queen tuned into her intuition, aligned with her feminine energy, and unashamedly dancing in rhythm with the music of her heart and body. This Queen is inside you. It’s time to embody and unleash her. 

Blending self-paced video and audio content with downloadable workbooks that you can watch from anywhere at any time, Queen School will guide you in growing beyond your own masculine and feminine wounds to profoundly transform your relationship with yourself and those you love.

Suitable for singles and those in a relationship

Julie Tenner's Honey Club

Honey Club


Embody your most magnetic self.

The full Queen School experience connected with step-by-step support and guided integration.

Honey Club is 12 months of support and coaching to build relationship habits that bring you back into feminine and sensual energy, magnetic communication and feeling the goddess-mode that you were always meant to experience, reclaiming your feminine energy, remembering your softness and restoring your ability to receive and trust.

Suitable for singles and those in a relationship

*With neurodiverse-friendly support

Julie Tenner

Let's make your life and love sweet AF

Julie Tenner
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