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Intimacy is possible in all seasons of life

How different would you life be if:

❤️You knew no matter how crazy-demanding life/work/kids got, you always had strength and relaxation in their arms?

❤️ You’re partner never expected anything more from you than what you were truly able to give - they fully loved you as you are in any moment?

❤️ You didn’t have to pretend, block out, lock away, silence or coerce parts of you because you no longer believed that guessing what someone needed from you and giving beyond what is in integrity for you, was ‘better’?

❤️ Being with each other gave you more, without you ‘giving more’?

❤️You knew your partner could sensitise to your body and needs and set up experiences and times for you to unwind and come home to yourself, then them?

❤️You no longer believed you needed to tell them, stay on top of them, micromanage and parent them, for you to get your needs met?

Showing up in relationship looks like many, many different things. What worked yesterday, may not work today - we’re not static beings so let go if static expectations and old ideals of right and wrong.

You’re more complex than that as a human and as a couple.

You’re also more fluid.

And so can your relationship be.

Stop thinking in terms of ‘on’ and ‘off’, right/wrong, met/unmet, all in/all out…

Start thinking in terms of compassion for each other’s nervous system:

- what resources do you have today?

👆because that changes what you’re able to bring, with truth, presence and integrity

- what’s going on for you?

👆because you can’t know what another is thinking and feeling - we’re not very good at guessing or reading between the lines.

- what do you need right now?

👆often it’s faaarrr ‘less’ than you think, but far more in terms of feeling held and seen. This question will change your relationship.

You can be IN relationship and connection through ALL the seasons of life.

It’s not the practice or the ‘thing’ you’re trying to do that’s the problem - it’s that it either doesn’t suit your current season of life, or you’re in black and white static thinking.

Get fluid.

Need help? Reach out.


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