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I'm Jules...

Intimacy & Relationship Coach, speaker, mama of 4 and co-founder of Nourishing the Mother Podcast.

I help women deepen connection, desire, intimacy & love in relationship.


I guide individuals and modern couples in exploring the intricacies of intimacy and complexities of connection to revolutionise the way they love. 

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Get your irresistible on

Think of Honey Club as your 
'12-month Relationship Bootcamp' 

Get you out of your head and into your body, heart and feminine energy with me.

Begins May 6

Connect to your soul
Integrate the stories you've lived
Open your heart to possibility
....And learn basket weaving!

Begins May 25

Limited spots available.

Reignite the spark in your relationship in just 12 dates & create an intimacy and connection that lasts all year. 

Guided dates from the comfort of your own home.

Begins July 1

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Coaches & Healers
Solo Honeybees

Ready to accelerate your business’ expansion and become a magnet for your ideal clients?


It’s time to evolve your practitioner capabilities and deepen your presence. 

We both know that the space you hold for yourself determines the space you can hold for your clients.


So, it’s time to turn the world off, and review the container you hold yourself in… Are you free to be your true Self within your professional role? Ready to peel back any confining layers? The next phase of knowing yourself is here.

Let’s face it, you want more from life.


The question is, are you an energetic match for what your heart so deeply desires?


By understanding feminine and masculine energy, and how you embody them, you can resolve past hurts and wounds to grow beyond where you are now, to where you want to be.


Become the Queen within that’s unapologetically herself and aligned to her true intuitive nature. Awaken your magnetism, sensuality and feminine spark today–you won’t look back!

Ready to cultivate mind-blowing sizzle between you and your partner and a bulletproof scaffold for wildy-connected communication?!


It starts with: Intimacy. Playfulness. Presence. Desire.


If these feel missing in your relationship, all is not lost. Reignite the sizzle that once was. And if fireworks already exist in your relationship and you’re here to dial in more–great!


Lovers' Experiences are for couples at various stages. I dare you to see how easy (and fun) it is!

Julie Tenner
Solo Honey Bees
Solo Honey Bees
Coaches + Practitioners
Polinate Your Pleasure
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Flowers and Honey


Flowers and Honey

The art of relationship, love and desire
Julie Tenner
Nourishing the Mother Podcast


Nourishing the Mother


"I have an understanding now of femme and masc energy and an awareness of when I’m in each and how it feels. My husband and I have begun being intimate again after a year of only very sporadic (and forced) encounters. I am appreciating his masc and what he provides for our family. He is responding with more caring behaviour like making me coffee, buying me wine. I have so much hope for our marriage now. I also have so much hope that the man I married will have room to become the man he was always meant to be, without the build up of tension, low self esteem etc. I dance almost every day. I breath deep and use my sound every day. And so much more!!!"


 "I had one foot out of our marriage, looking for reasons to leave. Now I have both feet in and I’m looking for the beauty every day."


 "Working with Julie has changed our marriage, how I parent and how I understand myself. It's an ongoing journey but Julie's support and wisdom is life changing in ways that we didn't even know were possible."


"Julie is so good!! I can't put into words the learnings and shifts I have felt in me and my partner. I know that "everything" is a strong word but it feels like it has changed everything for me. Not just in my romantic life but with friends, family also. I feel more at ease, more joy and more trust in my life. I no longer feel so anxious, controlling or needing to fix shit. Its magic and its such joy to learn about. its a real "coming home". I loved it all and just want feels and is better, I can't wait to continue on this path..."


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