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Embrace Abundance:

The Art of Receiving and Trusting Money

You're here because you've had enough of your funky mindset and vibes around money ~ AND you're ready for an energetic upgrade and an abundant mindset shift, so money flows more easily and effortlessly to you!

Here's your transformative
Audio Lessons


Audio one

Currency Catalyst: Embracing Availability for Wealth Transformation


Audio two

Open to Receiving: Navigating the Path to Prosperity


Audio three

Financial Belief System: Trusting the Magic of Money


Audio four

From Scarcity to Plenty: Transforming Your Childhood Money Narrative


Bonus Download!

Money Attracting Binaural Healing Frequency with Subliminal Messages MP3

Binaural beats: Please note, Binarual beats come with an Epilepsy warning. To receive the full benefits of a binaural, it needs to be listened to with headphones. If you are not particularly interested in binaural - you will still get Theta frequency and sublinial message healing from listening without headphones.

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Where to from here?

Come join Magnetic Money Siren and craft a powerful money mindset, shift blocks and calibrate to the wealth you desire!

Money is not bad. Money is not good. Money is just responding to you. So let's change the way you think, feel and believe about money.

Elevate Your Love.

Enrich Your Wealth. ✨

Say 'goodbye' to money tensions and hustle-culture (hello masculine energy!) and say 'hello' to feeling good with financial harmony (hello feminine energy!)

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